A whole lot of twirls

(Olive & Oak sweater, BCBG skirt, Kate Spade flats, Barton Perreira sunnies, Michael Kors watch, Jewel Mint ring, Celine bag)

When I first laid my eyes on this skirt by BCBG a while back, I immediately fell in love with the softness and the movement of the skirt. Today, I paired it with a light sweater and my newly acquired Kate Spade flats. The hint of neon pink from the flats was just enough to brighten the outfit without being too over the top. After a quick brunch, we decided to go to Alta Plaza Park for a stroll. One thing let to another and before my boyfriend was able to talk any sense into me, I was already putting my skirt to its full use by doing none stop twirls. Sure, I probably got a lot of random stares, but I was simply having way too much fun to notice or care. What a lovely way to spend a beautiful morning.


  1. Lovely skirt! Wish I had it in my closet :) xA

  2. love your skirt and bag!!!
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