Tuesday Favorites

(Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Calla Lily from my garden, Jimmy Choo clutch, Umami burger, puggy, Zara dress, Tom Ford heel, Madewell flats, Zara shirts, homemade stinky buns)

I had one busy weekend that involved a lot of driving (and I mean a lot!). But all for very good reasons of course. I hung out with my family, spent quality time with my cousins, shopped, cooked with my one of my best friends, went to an antique fair, and did a lot of eating. Fantastic weekend indeed. To top it all off, I am currently in Vegas, celebrating my last few days of freedom from work! Can't believe a whole month just flew by like that. It seems like it was only yesterday that I was telling you guys I am starting my month long vacation. Seriously, where did the time go?! Though, to be reasonable, I had such a great time this past month! And, believe it or not, I am "almost" ready to go back to work. Almost. But not without some last minute fun in sin city! Hope you guys all have a Fabulous Tuesday!


Antique Fair

(Zara shirt, American Eagle shorts, Jeffrey Campbell booties, Kate Spade sunglasses, Merona bag)

Pictures from earlier today at an annual Antique Fair. I love everything about events like these. The endless vendors guarantee there's something for everyone. A place like this, the phrase "one man's garbage is another man's treasure," truly comes alive. When we first visited this same fair last year, we were actually on a mission to find furniture and decoration pieces for our new place. This time around, we had no agenda whatsoever, so we took a slower pace and meandered in and out of just about every booth. Lucky for us, we didn't come home empty handed. I scored a vintage bracelet, small dishes I plan to use for storing rings, and a gorgeous masquerade mask which I will do a separate post on later. The boyfriend even scored a very adorable vintage WWI plane that is now proudly displayed in our living room. There were so many people in attendance, and the vibe throughout the whole place left me feeling so energized.

I wore the printed Zara blouse I got recently, cause I wanted to be as comfortable as possible. This blouse fit me exactly how I wanted it to, loose and flowy without looking baggy. The weather did not warm up until later on in the afternoon, but once it did, it was all about having cotton candy and iced cold ginger ale as our afternoon snacks. I love days like today.


On Repeat

(Old white shirt, J Brand boyfriend jeans, Zara sandal, Merona bag and Mossimo hat from Target)

Few days ago, I went on a spur of the moment late night shopping trip to Target with the boyfriend. There's something about strolling through places like Target late at night. I can walk up and down the isles aimlessly, move at a much slower pace with no need to beat the rush at the checkout line, and make sharp turns out of nowhere because something catches my eye. All pluses in my mind. Another reason why I like these random late night trips is because that's when I typically find something awesome (that are not on the to-get list) to bring home with me. That night, I had a love at first sight moment with the awesome hat and bag (not to mention at a great price!). Ever since, I have been wearing them on a daily basis, with a slight variation of course. Case in point, pictures shown above were captured during a visit to the nursery in search of vegetables for my new garden patch.


Tuesday Favorites

(Top to Bottom, Left to Right: new additions from a late night Target run, OOTD, Celine "Micron" Luggage bag, homemade sticky buns, fresh flowers for the house, Brix outdoor dining in Yountville, raised garden bed, OOTD, Eiffel Tower)

Ever since we got back last Wednesday from our Europe trip, we seem to have non-stop events, and the jet lag could not have come at a better time.. sarcasm and all. Seriously though, falling asleep everyday at around nine o'clock at night, only to wake up on the dot at five o'clock every morning is not pleasant to say the least. Despite the lengthy seven hours of sleep, I never quite feel fully rested. Some people say that it could take up to seven days to fully adjust back... so I got my fingers crossed. I got a long list of projects to do around the house that I have been saving to complete during this long vacation. Some sleep would be greatly appreciated. I hope you all had a well rested weekend, and a Fabulous Tuesday!


Paris Photo Diary - Part II

One of my purchases on this trip. It actually took two visits to the store and seeing someone else with the second to last bag in the store to make up my mind. I shall do a post on my new love soon. But for those of you following me on Instagram (user name "fabuloustuesdays"), you probably have a good idea what I added to my collection.

It seems like having a castle or a palace inside a park is pretty common in Europe. The thought of having this gigantic space as one's "garden" is simply mind blowing. This photo was taking in the Jardin du Luxembourg. In my already planned future visits to Paris, I envisioned myself coming back here for a day filled with picnics, strolling through the garden, and reading under the sun.

Notre Dame by day and night. The apartment that we stayed at in Paris was literally across the river from Notre Dame. One of the best views if you ask me. The day and night feel was so dramatically different, that I highly recommend visiting the place on two occasions if time allows.

My very fist visit to the Louvre. There's something about going to a place so grand that made me wanted to dress extra ladylike. I paired my striped top from French Connection with my white skirt from Madewell to compliment the sunny weather. However, the morning temperature was not quite warm enough to go with bare legs. So I added black tights, which happened to "hide" the fact that I was unable to part with my black Sperry in preparation of a very long day of walking.

After the Louvre, we decided to strolled through the Tuileries Gardens. By then, the weather warmed up to be the best weather we had this whole trip. Needless to say, we soaked up the sun as much as we could and treated ourselves to some ice cream during the stroll.

Came across the "Love Bridge" that were filled with locks on our way back from the Louvre. The boyfriend and I couldn't help but to come back for a second visit on our last day there, and put a lock of our own on the bridge. We got the lock from a nearby vendor, and walked back to the bridge to snap some pictures. I kept the keys to the lock with me, hoping that when we come back one day we may find our lock again (how romantic does that sound?).

So, here are the rest of the my Paris pictures. Sorry to have to overwhelm the post with this many captures, but I couldn't help it. The whole trip was just simply amazing. We did our best to soak up the entire experience, the attractions, the people, the food, the shopping, and just everything and more. I just truly loved Paris and already plotting reasons for another visit. Merci beaucoup!


Paris Photo Diary - Part I

One of the brunch spots we discovered in Paris. Eggs & Co., and omg was it delicious. We got there just in time as there was only one spot left to fit us all. The owner was extremely friendly, and the food, my goodness the food! Delicious doesn't even begin to describe it. 

Gorgeous buildings everywhere.

This was the view of Notre Dame from our apartment. We had a dear friend of mine that joined us during our stay in Paris, so getting an apartment made a lot more sense then renting hotel rooms. I was a little apprehensive at first, but the apartment turned out to be a fantastic way to do it. I did a lot of research before hand, including the area, the apartment review, and the proximity to metro stations. The place we stayed at met all our requirements. The only thing that I was not prepared for, was the narrow spiral stairways (70+ steps I believe) up to the apartment. Needless to say, my behind got a major workout by the end of our stay.

My sparkle Sperry's kept me walking miles on end during the trip, which is why its only appropriate to dedicate a whole picture to it.

Macaron Heaven.

L'Estrapade. Probably one of my favorite dinner spots in Paris. The tiny little restaurant in the middle of a residential area, friendliest host ever, fantastic cook, delicious food, great wine, awesome atmosphere, and pocket friendly menu. It simply doesn't get any better than that.
Spotted a gorgeous flower shop in the street.

Lunch spot at L'Avenue. My mouth still waters a little over this white truffle risotto. It was that good.

Spotted Banksy in a small alley. Space Invaders also littered the city.

Came here for breakfast twice. The pastry was delightfully delicious. I never knew croissants could be so flaky.

Strolling down Champ Elysee. I think I was on this strip at least three times during my four day stay in Paris.

Series of photo captures of the Eiffel Tower. It was more beautiful in person, which these don't do it justice. This day was just gorgeious in Paris, breezy but sunny. I pulled out my red J Brand jeans to match the happy weather, but decided to tone down the vibrant color with my Madewell sweater. Easy and happy outfit in my book.

During our stroll back from the Eiffel Tower, we came across this building just covered in greenery. It was magical and nothing like I've ever seen before. I had some serious admiration for the people that maintain both the building and the gorgeous plants.

This is part I of my Paris trip. It is true what people say, the romantic feel and the beauty of Paris was felt the moment I stepped off the plane. I think the most used phrase during this trip for me, was "wowwww". I know the metro station was easy and convenient to use, but I decided to drag my boyfriend and a lovely friend of ours all over town by foot. They probably both secretly hated me each night, but I just had to see everything! So many thanks to them both for putting up with my excessive need to walk everywhere. I had some seriously neck pain by the end of the trip for constantly awing at either the buildings and the people. But I guess that's how you know it was a good trip, the urge to capture every single moment through memories and photos.