Tuesday Favorites

(Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Christian Louboutin spiky heels on sales at Barney's, neon pink Kate Spade flats, Bi-Rite ice cream, Juice Shop juicing flavors, new spring Essie polishes, Valentino bow heels, my new white heels from Stuart Weitzman, frozen yogurt treat, my silly pug)

This past weekend was all about relaxation for me. In between all the to-do items, I was able to squeeze in some shopping, napping, and even got around to get a massage. This meant that I really get to kick off the week on a fresh new start. The week ahead is slightly busier than usual, which includes hosting our first official guest staying over at our place, to attending one of our friend's wedding, and planning for our annual 4th of July get-together. All fun things, but I have a feeling that this week is going to go by super fast. I hope you guys all have a great week ahead of you, and more importantly, a Fabulous Tuesday!


A whole lot of twirls

(Olive & Oak sweater, BCBG skirt, Kate Spade flats, Barton Perreira sunnies, Michael Kors watch, Jewel Mint ring, Celine bag)

When I first laid my eyes on this skirt by BCBG a while back, I immediately fell in love with the softness and the movement of the skirt. Today, I paired it with a light sweater and my newly acquired Kate Spade flats. The hint of neon pink from the flats was just enough to brighten the outfit without being too over the top. After a quick brunch, we decided to go to Alta Plaza Park for a stroll. One thing let to another and before my boyfriend was able to talk any sense into me, I was already putting my skirt to its full use by doing none stop twirls. Sure, I probably got a lot of random stares, but I was simply having way too much fun to notice or care. What a lovely way to spend a beautiful morning.


A Kodak Moment

(Photos by Marcus Lam: website and flickr)

Okay, these pictures weren't taken by a disposable Kodak camera per se, but that was exactly what came to mind when Marcus (who last photographed me in this post) mentioned that he wanted to try to shoot some pictures using his film camera. So, imagine my surprise when he showed up at my house with his fancy Nikon F100 35mm SLR. I had my doubts at first because, well, it's a film camera! Unlike a digital camera, film is not nearly as forgiving and they are expensive to develop. So imagine my hesitation about potentially wasting the film because I have uncontrollable urges to make goofy faces at the camera every five second!

But we rolled with it anyway, and had a fun day just hanging out by the pool while sneaking shots in between. In the end, it was actually a lot of fun to shoot with a film camera. Despite the fact that we were shooting with expired film, ran low on battery, and Marcus later told me that he forgot to sync the ISO on the camera to the film, I thought the pictures above turned out real nice! Which simply reinforced Marcus's photography skill, and patience having to deal someone like me who can never stand still! For more pictures, be sure to check out Marcus's flickr!


Tuesday Favorites

(Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Sunset, Thai Iced Tea and Coffee, my new white pumps, my happy shoes = Prada, gorgeous new Valentino, playing with bubbles, my silly pug, healthy oats with honey as breakfast, coffee break)

Last Tuesday, I mentioned that I had the blues but devised a plan to try to overcome it. It's amazing how a little change in my outfit, whether it was to wear a bright color, put on a girly polish, a fun statement jewelry, or putting on my happy shoes (Prada bow shoes shown above), it all had that subtle impact I needed to lift my mood.This week, I'm very happy to report that I'm no longer singing the blues! I had a very productive and fun weekend, and am more than ready to tackle the very busy week I have ahead of me. I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday and a great rest of the week!


Black and White

(Banana Republic shirt, American Eagle shorts)

The weather this past weekend was just too hot (in the triple digits) to do a serious outdoor shoot. So, the next best thing would be to play around indoor. The boyfriend and I were inspired by a black and white picture I saw online, and decided to try out the black and white feel for ourselves. Our goal was to try to create an image that looked soft and relaxed. The photo above was the only one that really evoked the feelings we wanted out of the shoot, and this is a pick out of at least eighty plus choices! There are definitely improvements to be made, but it was a very fun experience, and we certainly learned a bit through out the process. This photograph thing just never seizes to amaze me.


Oldie but Goodie

(BCBG dress, Marco Santi shoes, Celine bag, Barton Perreira sunnies, Kate Spade ring, Ettika bracelets, and vintage gold bracelet)

Sometimes, there's nothing better than to get all dressed up for no reason at all. Today, due to a public transportation failure, I had to work from home, which meant having the ability to grab lunch and coffee downtown. All morning, I was in an old t-shirt and baggy sweats purely out of laziness. But for lunch, I decided to get dolled up in an effort to feel more productive and just to be more presentable to the general public. I put on a very simple dress, and immediately, my mood was transformed.

I had this dress for so many years now. Today, I finally knew why I could never part with this dress, despite having gone through many many closet downsizings. With its simple silhouette and exquisite fine details, this dress is simple, classic, and will never go out of style. The dress can be worn to a fancy party as well as a simple lunch outing. It is indeed an oldie but goodie. Now if you will excuse me, I shall go back and hunt for some more pieces in my closet that are in need of a reappearance.


Tuesday Favorites

(Left to Right, Top to Bottom: pretty chocolates, Vegas outfits, dessert tasting for two, my boy's paws, Valentino, chilling by the pool, delicious vegetarian dishes, my new treasure, more desserts)

Okay, I hate to admit, but it's true. I got the blues. It's only been two weeks since I ended my month long vacation, but I am already missing my traveling, freedom from work, and the luxury of cuddling my pups all day long. The initial energy that I gained from a month long of resting is now diminishing and I am itching for something new (perhaps another vacation?). Sadly, this "blues" situation also has a slight effect on my outfit inspiration. But I have made a pack with myself that I will actively do something to cure my blues. My plan is to start by mixing up my daily outfits. Personally, I find that by adding bright colors, accessories or simply putting on a dress can really help change my mood. And that is exactly what I plan to do! I hope you all had a better Tuesday than I did, but here's to a great rest of the week :)


Repeat Offender

(Converse shirt, JBrand Jeans, Celine bag, Manolo Blahnik shoes, Michael Kors watch, Pucci sunnies)

Outfit post from yesterday. I spent the majority of the gorgeous day in the city grabbing lunch and catching up with two of my dear friends. Funny how sometimes, it's my guy friends that notice my outfits more so than my girl friends. They gave me such a field day about my red pants that I suddenly realized just how often I have been wearing this pair of JBrand jeans lately! Then again, I suppose that's when you really know if a piece is special, when you can simply rotate and pair it with just about any item in your wardrobe, and wear it non-stop. Repeat offender at its best!


Current Cravings

Current Cravings from Shopbop:

1. Campisa Suede Pumps by B Brian Atwood
2. The Girlfriend Shorts by Current/Elliot
3. Valentina Shoulder Bag by Botkier
4. Textured Bib Necklace by Kenneth Jay Lane
5. Stela Pumps by Elizabeth and James
6. Marmalade Peplum Dress by Nanette Lepore Marmalade

Not sure what I did exactly, but I pulled or pinched a muscle in my back that seriously limited my range of motion. In an effort to save you guys from looking at me posing as a robot, I decided to share some of my current cravings from Shopbop instead.


StyleBust - Invading Spaces

(Photos by Yekaterina Bowyer of YBowyer Photography and be sure to check out her Facebook Page)

A few weeks back, Jessi, one of the bloggers behind the lovely blog of StyleBust and Yekaterina, the talented photographer of YBowyer Photography came to my home to do an interview and a photo shoot as part of StyleBust's "Invading Spaces" feature.  I was very honored that they had reached out to me in advance about the opportunity. Even though Jessi walked me through what I should expect for the interview, I was still quite nervous about the whole process! Lucky for me, both Jessi and Yekaterina were so sweet and completely put me at ease. We chatted and took pictures like we've met many times before. The entire experience was just so wonderful, and I am so excited that the interview is being featured on StyleBust today! You can read all about the interview and see more photos "here"! Enjoy, and many thanks to StyleBust, Jessi and Yekaterina for such a great afternoon!


End of a long vacation

I still can't believe that the Month of May has come and left. In fact, it would be an understatement to say that time flies. But before our vacation officially ended, we decided to take a short trip to Las Vegas. We stayed at the Encore resort, and it was one of the most beautiful resorts I have been to. I haven't been to Vegas for a very long time, and much to my surprise, it was actually very relaxing and rejuvenating. The two and a half days in Vegas consisted of sleeping in, reading and soaking up the sun by the pool, strolling and exploring the hotels and the Strip, and of course, enjoying some of the most delicious meals at all the different restaurants. The trip was exactly what I needed, and now I am ready to go back to the real life. So long, wonderfully long vacation. I shall miss you dearly.