Tuesday Favorites

(Top to Bottom, Left to Right: New hobby, first skirt made by moi, frozen yogurt, my new cellphone case, recent capture, tomatoes salad, homemade flat bread pizza, juicing, sleepy puggy)

I don't know about you guys, but my productivity starting last Friday till now has been dramatically reduced because of the Olympics. As I am writing this post, the boyfriend is in the other room acting as the commentator for me on what's going on in Men Gymnastics. So, I am going to keep this post short, because I can't bare staying away from the TV too long. Hope you all have a Fabulous Tuesday, and Go Team USA!


Neon touch

(H&M shirt and necklace, Theory knit, JBrand jeans, Zara heels, Chanel bag, Celine sunnies)

Good news and good vibes just keep coming! We celebrated another dear friend's happy engagement announcement in the city yesterday. I absolutely adore this couple, so I could not be happier for them. So a huge congratulations to them both (you know who you are)!!!

On a side note, I have been wanting to try out the neon combination for some time now. However, as you can see, my braveness only stretched to the point of this yellow shirt and a neon pink necklace I got at H&M a week ago. To make sure I don't look like a walking neon sign (still learning to expand my styling boundary here), I layered on the black pieces. It's all about baby steps right?


Tuesday Favorites

(Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Puggy on Vogue, Dinner at Auberge du Soleil, Puggy and treats, fabric choices, wedding attire, Chanel, Rose at dinner, learning how to sew, macarons as afternoon snacks)

Lately, work has been so busy that the days just seem to fly by without a pause. In an effort to still make sure that my professional life doesn't take over my personal life, I have been making an extra effort to spend time with family, friends, getting some extra cuddling and kisses from my pups. In addition, I have also decided to pick up a new hobby, sewing! This new found interest was actually inspired by the boyfriend after having to help him with a small sewing project. It's amazing how doing a small crafty project like that helps to reduce stress and tension from my work day! Though for those that know me, I am not exactly the crafty type. But I am totally up for the challenge! Hopefully I will have some good news to update shortly. In the meantime, hope you all had a Fabulous Tuesday!


Happy Yellow

(ASOS dress, H&M ring, Jimmy Choo clutch, Manolo Blahnik shoes, Celine sunnies)

Yesterday, I had the honor of attending one of my oldest and dearest friend's wedding. Both the ceremony and the reception were absolutely gorgeous and the whole place was filled with such happiness. Happy occasions call for happy colors. When I looked through my closet for wedding attire, this dress from ASOS immediately jumped out at me. For me, I typically associate different colors with different moods, and yellow has almost always represented happiness to me. Not to mention this dress was comfortable, easy to wear, and it was a perfect fit! 

My dear friend, we have come a long way, and nothing makes me happier than to see you find the perfect partner to spend the rest of your life with. Congratulations, from the bottom of my heart.


Easy Pieces

(Club Monaco dress, Karen Walker sunnies, Sole Society shoes, Kate Spade rings, Michael Kors watch, Mossimo hat)

In many ways, comfort has always been on the top of my priority list when it comes to styling my outfits. Sure, every now and then, going that extra step to feel glamorous is always fun. But on a regular basis, feeling comfortable in my own skin is my rule of thumb when getting ready in the morning. Easy pieces like this dress from Club Monaco says it all. It fits perfectly and has that bold print that allows me to keep all my accessories to a minimum for those hot summer days. Pair the dress with a comfortable wedge from Sole Society and a hat, and I am ready for just about anything the day brings.


Tuesday Favorites

(Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Cupcakes and Cashmere book, Purse and coffee, Schwinn Cream Cruiser, Butter nail polish, my lovable Bichon, new brunch spot and coffee cake, daily essentials, more butter nail polish, peaches at the Farmer's Market)
It's a small world after all. Over the weekend, I learned from my soon to be brother-in-law, that his cousin's wife actually reads my little blog! And it was through no immediate introduction that I was aware of! I am beyond flattered that someone out there, aside from my loving and supportive family and friends, actually reads my blog. I know this might seem trivial to most, but learning this news certainly brightened my weekend and gave me a fantastic start to my week. So, I am giving thanks to the people that have come across my blog and a special thanks to those that continue to show support :) I hope your Tuesday is as fabulous as mine!


Yesterday morning

(Theory sweater, H&M shorts, glittery flats from Sole Society, Karen Walker sunnies)

It wasn't planned, but somehow the pictures we took yesterday morning were all perfectly snapped so the when I uploaded them to the blog, it looked like a comic strip. Doesn't it? Or is it just me?

I rediscovered these shorts I got from H&M, and I had forgotten just how much I love them. The glittery flats are a new addition to my wardrobe. I got them from Sole Society a couple weeks back mostly because I have been on a glittery kick since then. By now, I think I have all things glitter, ranging from eyeshadow, to nail polish, to evening clutch, and now shoes too. Obsession? I'd say so.


Flowery Statement

(Zara shirt, J Brand shorts, Holgen flats, Celine bag, Vintage bracelet)

This is my outfit from last Sunday. We decided to take a short stroll after a belly full of delicious brunch at our new favorite diner. It must be the summer weather, because lately, I have been gravitating towards anything flowy and light. In the heat, anything goes. Which makes this top (like many others that are currently on high rotation) a no brainer. It also makes getting ready in under five minutes a reasonable task while trying to beat the weekend rush at this brunch spot. Easy and breezy. Who doesn't love an outfit with no fuss?


Tuesday Favorites

(Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Canon, birthday dessert, outfit of the day, my favorite comfort food, new favorite polish combo, silly puggy, Fujifilm Instax camera, dipped ice cream, summer day essential)

 It was a week that reminded me just how important friendships are, how grateful I am for my family, and how blessed I am to have found a great partner in life. I know that this blog is dedicated to my love for style, but truth be told, if I didn't have the support system that I have from the people that really matter to me, none of this would've mattered one bit. I guess, all I am trying to say is that I know how blessed I am, and I am so thankful for it all. I hope you all had a wonderful July 4th and weekend.  Have a Fabulous Tuesday!



(Urban Outfitter shirt, bag, necklace, and sunglasses, J Brand jeans, Zara shoes, Mossimo hat, Hermes bracelet)

Wore this outfit when I took the boyfriend out for his birthday lunch the other day. The weather was gorgeous. This was also the day right after we threw a big get together at our place (roughly 30 people, 5 dogs, and 1 kid, and way too much food and sun). While it was definitely great to see everyone (thanks so much to those who attended!) and we all had tons of fun, the boyfriend and I were definitely in need of a little relaxation.  

My entire outfit from that day reflected my state of mind. The printed flowy top added just enough flavor to the outfit, without being too loud. The loose boyfriend jeans is now my staple for that extra comfort. And the hat not only shield me from the sun but it also hid the bed hair that I was just a little too lazy to deal with that morning. Perfect outfit for a day of R&R.


Happy Birthday to You

A special post today for a very special someone.. my best friend, my partner in crime, and my love. He's also the owner and photographer behind this blog. Thank you for being my everything and for inspiring me every single day. Happy Birthday hun. I love you.


Tuesday Favorites

(Left to Right, Top to Bottom: morning coffee from Starbucks, Zara pumps, colorful accessories from Pinkyotto and Kate Spade, new glittery addition from Sole Society, Jimmy Choo clutch, old school diner for breakfast, spring color nail polish from Essie, Zara flats and arm swag, best combination for an afternoon treat)

This week is going to be such a great one. To kick off the fun, we are hosting our annual July 4th party this Wednesday, followed by a day of birthday celebration for my love (aka my better half). Then we get to attend a gorgeous couple's wedding reception over the weekend (much love to you guys!), all the while doing lot of eating and chilling by the pool whenever possible. I'm so excited for all the festivities to start, that it is getting hard to concentrate at work! I hope you all have a Fabulous Tuesday, and a safe and happy July 4th celebration! 

(p.s. I just noticed that I had three image captures of my latest flats collection this week. Dare I say that summer has officially started? :))



(Banana Republic shirt, Vince dress, Zara sandals, Theyskens' Theory bag)

Happy first of July! Can you guys believe that we are officially done with the first half of the year? Crazy isn't it?!

This morning, we got up extra earlier (8am on a Sunday morning to be exact..) and decided to go try out a new breakfast joint. After browsing through some possible choices, we decided to give an old school diner vibe breakfast place a try. The food was good and the atmosphere very relaxed, exactly how I envisioned we would be spending this gloomy Sunday morning. 

I wore this leather dress by Vince that I picked up yesterday on a major sale. Believe it or not, I have been on the market for a good leather dress for quite a long time now. I saw a few that I really liked along the way but never was able to pull the trigger because the dresses tended to be on the pricier side or only limited to being worn in the night time. But the whole searching process just made finding this dress that much better. This dress by Vince is thin and buttery soft, and it also has a beautiful butterscotch coloring to it. On top of that, the cut of the dress is loose but not without structure, which in my opinion, made this dress that much more day time friendly and versatile. It's the perfect addition to my wardrobe.